In my twenty plus years of playing, Ive found that the key to fluency and fluidity on the guitar is clear visualization of the fretboard. You can develop this through a practice routine that integrates your musical ear, your hands, and your visual sense. As you develop fluency on the fretboard, you will unlock a greater freedom, confidence, and creativity within your playing.

The guitar is a harmonically complex instrument, so my focus is on expanding your chord knowledge through a horizontal approach to playing. When you are clear about note placement, it becomes possible to harmonize any note across the entire neck. Chordal playing starts to have a melodic feel and the idea of soloing expands exponentially.

I take a fun, yet outside the box approach to teaching the following:

Note recognition, single string scales, harmonized scales, intervals, dyads, triads, chord progressions, chord substitutions, counterpoint, theory and more.

Of all that is listed above I place the most emphasis on improvisation. To that end you will learn many creative techniques for soloing that take you beyond the common scale approach and into intervallic, motivic, and chromatic approaches.

I'm available for private lessons in New York City and ZOOM/SKYPE for distance learning. Please contact me directly for rates.








My new solo guitar album is available via Destiny Records here: Destiny Records Bandcamp

Solitude Intones Its Echo


A guitarist of searching, sophisticated musicality, the Brooklyn-based Harvey Valdes releases his third album, Solitude Intones Its Echo, via Destiny Records. The album, available on vinyl and digital/streaming, features Harvey communing with his electric six-string Teuffel Tesla guitar for a collection of concise, engaging solo improvisations. A mosaic of 18 melody-laced pieces, most around two minutes in length, the record has a concentrated, questing quality; sage guitarist and studio ace David Torn mixed and mastered Solitude Intones Its Echo, heightening its atmosphere of contrapuntal introspection. The new album follows Harvey’s solo debut of free takes on jazz standards (Roundabout, 2015) and a bristling, Mahavishnu-meets-math-rock trio album (Pointcounterpoint, with violinist Sana Nagano and drummer Joe Hertenstein, 2016). All About Jazz hailed Pointcounterpoint as “cosmic,” while the Free Jazz Collective described Roundabout as “sublimely beautiful.”